5 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Entry-Level Job Seekers

Are you new to LinkedIn and are hoping to make the best first impression on potential employers, industry leaders, and peers? While this social network isn’t new, it is different than other types of social media. 

We are going to delve into some LinkedIn profile tips that will not only allow you to appear professional but may help land the interview and job of your dreams! Keep reading for more information! 

1. Choose the Best Photo

While you may enjoy throwing back a few beers with friends or smooching your significant other, LinkedIn is not the place to show this off. Your profile picture is a way to make a great first impression and develop a connection with potential higher-ups.

A professional headshot is ideal, but you can also take the photo yourself. Just be sure that it is a clear picture that does not include other people. If possible, display an action photo of you and your industry. 

2. Broaden Your Horizons

Many people enjoy small town living. Unfortunately, small towns aren’t usually known for their booming job markets. 

If you live within an hour or two of a larger city, consider choosing that as your current location. Doing this will make your profile easier to find when recruiters and managers begin to search for you. 

3. Include ALL Relevant Experience

As you are filling out your LinkedIn profile, you will notice that there are multiple blank fields and may be intimidated by them. If you do not have years of experience in your industry, you may be tempted to leave these blank.

Instead of skipping these areas, include any projects, schooling, and certificates that may relate to your desired position. If you happen to have definitive statistics or numbers about a former project, be sure to include these. 

Also, don’t be too humble when it comes to volunteer or pro bono work; recruiters notice! 

4. Not a Dating Site

It is worth mentioning that LinkedIn is not a typical social media site. Although you can connect with your high school buddies, sorority sisters, and family members, it is intended to remain professional. 

At times you will be able to see who has viewed your profile. This could mean that the person is searching for someone in your industry or simply looking for someone with the same name. 

If you absolutely must send a message about the profile view, keep it short, sweet, and businesslike. Do not send a flirty invite for dinner, drinks, or a hook-up. 

5. Stay Active! 

Part of the appeal of LinkedIn is to see and be seen by industry professionals. The best way to do this is to share content and stories that relate to your field.

Liking and commenting on relevant posts will also keep your profile relevant. This will help your name stay at the forefront of people’s minds and when it comes time to apply for a job, you will have the benefit of name recognition! 

Other LinkedIn Profile Tips

Following these LinkedIn profile tips will certainly help you receive some interesting job offers and possibly lateral or vertical movement in your field. 

There are a few other tips that people forget about or overlook. These include not exaggerating your skills and not asking friends (or strangers) for endorsements. 

If you’ve been contacted by a recruiter or hiring manager, check out these tips about preparing for a big interview!

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