Losing one’s job is one of the most stressful experiences an individual can go through other than divorce and the death of a loved one. The impacts of downsizing and reduction in workforce can be unnerving and scary for everyone involved.  While it may be difficult for the HR professionals responsible for delivering the bad news, it is even harder for employees on the receiving end. Companies have found it can make a world of difference offering outplacement services instead of the traditional handshake and last pay check. This is the reason many companies offer outplacement services to employees, to ensure a smooth transition for those negatively impacted. In times like these, outplacement services provide valuable resources and support to help job seekers successfully maneuver the job market.

Outplacement assistance is not only necessary for employees who have been affected by a layoff, but it is also the right thing for companies to do. The services received by affected employees can help soften the blow of being let go. Companies that provide outplacement services to employees affected by layoffs can help boost morale and help employees affected by layoffs find gainful employment quickly, further minimizing future damage due to lack of work or loss of income.

By providing each employee with outplacement services from a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Certified Career Coach (CPCC), companies can rest assured their former employees are getting the best help in finding rewarding employment. Outplacement services can help job seekers with the following:

  • Change overall mindset and outlook to prevent career sabotage
  • Develop positive career outlook
  • Clarify interests, personality types, skills, values, lifestyle requirements, and work/life balance
  • Create career goals and strategies that foster successful execution of actionable career plans
  • Determine realistic career paths and career transition strategies
  • Gain and maintain confidence throughout the job search and career transition process
  • Improve interview and salary negotiation skills
  • Determine worth and salary desires
  • Learn new skills and knowledge to enhance career growth and development
  • Determine the career/job and lifestyle desired
  • Learn the skills needed to make career transitions
  • Transition to self-employment if that is the desired goal


Is your company anticipating a downsizing? Have you been tasked with finding outplacement services for employees who will be affected? Let APEX Career Services tailor an outplacement package that best suits your company’s needs and budget. Contact us today to get started. Please visit us to learn more at https://www.apexcareerservices.com/outplacement-services-hr-consulting/.

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