How to Identify Unethical Recruiting Techniques?

The job search process can be stressful and time consuming for job seekers. While searching for the perfect job opportunities, it is important to be mindful that not all job postings are legitimate job openings.  Scammers have come up with ways to attract vulnerable job seekers by requiring upfront fees to secure employment.  You should never be required to pay to apply for a job or wonder what company you are applying to.  Legitimate companies with actual job openings are transparent.  Have you ever questioned whether or not you should apply for a job because the ad seems shady or too good to be true?  You probably should not apply if you have doubt. Always follow your instincts.  Here are some red flags to pay attention to.

  • No business name or contact information on the job announcement
  • Job offers appear too good to be true
  • You receive unsolicited emails with job offers
  • Sketchy work from home opportunities
  • Excessive job openings in multiple locations
  • Companies requests for money to apply 
  • Companies asking for your personal information
  • Questionable website or domain name

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