Important Job Search Tips for People Over 50 Years Old

If you are 50 years of age or older, you might find the job search process daunting and frustrating. Why does it seem as if employers do not want to hire anyone over age 50? Is it real or are we just imagining things?  No, it is very real! Age discrimination runs rampant throughout the job search process. 

Although you bring a long career background with an abundance of knowledge, maturity, and professionalism, it can still feel like your age is what employers prefer to make the focus.  Ageism is alive and well and is disguised in so many ways to make it less noticeable even though you already know it exists. It is tough to prove age discrimination because companies are very astute in masking this disgusting practice to protect themselves from lawsuits.  

Because age bias is hard to prove, you are better off spending your time and energy focused on how you can be successful in your job search in spite of the discrimination you may face. There are many steps you can take to improve your situation so that you can land your dream job at any age. The tips below are designed to help you find ways to maintain your competitive edge while job searching.     

•    De-age and modernize your resume so that employers focus on your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs), and not your age.

•    Use current and relevant technologies and terminologies in your resume. 

•    Earn licenses and certifications that are relevant to your success and advancement in your field.

•    Stay abreast of the latest technology by taking classes and watching tutorials.

•    Maintain a youthful yet professional LinkedIn profile that sells you well.

•    Practice your interview and salary negotiation skills, so you don’t undersell yourself.

•    Be prepared to successfully respond to ageist questions that may appear to be something else. Be alert!

•    Clean up and hide your Facebook profile so that potential invasive employers cannot spy on you and your family so they can make assumptions about your age.    

•    Network with professionals of all ages and backgrounds so that you can gain a pulse of what’s going on in the job market.

•    Stay active and healthy, and most of all, do not doubt yourself no matter what!

•    Maintain a youthful appearance to deflect negative perceptions from potential employers.  

You should not have to worry about age discrimination since the retirement age in the U.S. is almost 70 years old. However, the truth is, ageism is alive and well. Do you need help with de-aging your resume and LinkedIn profile?  Need career coaching and interview preparation coaching to help you prepare for how to find your next position successfully?  APEX Career Services can help you! Our Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) can help you put your best foot forward, so you land your dream job. Let us help you! We can help you improve your job search and interview skills. Don’t wait! Learn more and get started at    

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Job Search Tips Over 50 Years Old