It seems LinkedIn keeps changing things up every time you log in. This can be very frustrating to say the least! As soon as you feel you have mastered LinkedIn…something else changes. Well, LinkedIn has recently made even more changes.  Though the recent changes are quite frustrating, the new profile changes are actually clean, simple, and tactical. The new format may require you to make a few changes that are well worth it. This blog has been written to give you an overview of some of the changes so you do not have to figure it all out on your own. Here are some key changes to the new LinkedIn profile.

More distinct headline

You have 120 characters to really pitch yourself to the world. This is probably the most important section on your LinkedIn profile, as it truly enables you to use the best slogan possible to sell yourself.

More creative profile sections  

You can now add icons and even more logos for organization that you are affiliated with outside of work.

Larger profile photo

With the ability to add a larger photo, your photo will now look better as a result of better resolution.

Better ease of marketing yourself

LinkedIn has made it much easier to add additional sections to your profile. You can now showcase your experience, expertise, and accomplishments in a more compelling way.

Better visual appeal

You can now add a personal gallery of presentations, videos and other graphics you would like to add to better showcase your talents.

More pronounced activity feeds

LinkedIn has repositioned activity feeds so you can broadcast whatever you would like so you can keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

New endorsements feature

Endorsements are now more noticeable, so it is very important to start getting those endorsements.

It is very important that your LinkedIn profile compliments your resume, as recruiters and hiring managers do not want to see conflicting information. APEX Career Services works hard to help you develop a strategic and targeted personal brand that includes a compelling and optimized LinkedIn profile.  We will help you refine your online presence and help you create an impressive professional online footprint that attracts recruiters and hiring managers. Let us write a job-winning LinkedIn profile for you. Contact us today to get start working on your new LinkedIn profile at

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