Your job search is a very serious event, and should be treated with the utmost priority it deserves. You cannot be effective in your job search if you do not invest in a well-written and targeted resume.  Remember, your resume is your first introduction to employers, so it is incumbent upon you to put your best foot forward.

It is challenging to get to the top of a recruiter’s or headhunter’s pile without a well-written and targeted resume. A targeted resume ensures that your strongest skills are highlighted as they pertain to the specific positions you’re interested in applying for. Most resumes will fall into the proverbial black hole if they do not accurately reflect that you are qualified for positions you apply for.

Your choice to work with a headhunter can be extremely beneficial, as headhunters often have access to wide ranging positions that are not always advertised. It is wise to work with multiple headhunters in addition to applying for positions on your own so that you have access to more job opportunities.  Whether you apply on your own or use headhunters, you are still expected to only apply using a strong resume that sells you effectively.  It is more important to invest in a great resume as that will open more doors for you.

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