You should consider these six tips whether you write your own resume or hire a professional resume writer:

  1. Your resume should be succinct and well-written while selling your best qualities. Do not write a long drawn out resume that recruiters and hiring managers may ignore because they are bored.
  • Be brief while ensuring all relevant info is communicated. Resume writing is different from academic writing. Sell your skills and the value you bring to the table. Overselling can make job seekers look desperate, lower-level, and unqualified. Sell your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). 
  • Your resume should be written to please recruiters and hiring managers, not you.  
  • You must be tactical in showcasing the most pertinent and valid information that will market you for success. You do not need to add every detail of your career.  
  • Clearly indicate that you are qualified for the position you apply for. The ATS relies on keywords and other criteria to determine your qualifications.  
  • Trust the professional if you decide to hire someone to write your resume. Trust is essential in any relationship.  Once you hire a resume writing professional, trust that person and the counsel you receive.  Don’t forget, you hired a professional that you vetted, so let the professional resume writer do the job without dictating every little detail. Of course, your feedback is important, but you must be reasonable in your expectations.

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