Steps You Can Take To Get Job Search Ready For 2019

December is one of the busiest months of the year, whether you are preparing for the holidays, hosting family, or trying to find a new job.  We often hear of recruiters and hiring managers taking vacation time in December instead of working on the recruiting process.  While that may be true for some, many are still busy filling positions so they can have key positions staffed at the beginning of the new year.  As a former recruiter, I can personally confirm that December was often just as busy for me, as I took that time to screen candidates and schedule interviews for the first week of the new year.  December was also a great time for me to stay busy recruiting candidates in order to start the new year off right.

Additionally, December can be a great month for job hunting since motivated job seekers can take the time to connect with recruiters who are eager to fill positions in hopes of having positions filled early in the new year.  Contrary to popular myths, December does not have to be a stressful time for job seekers.  It can be a time to reassess your job search strategy and attitude.  Instead of getting frustrated and feeling hopeless, you can use this time to prepare and get ready for 2019.  Here a few tips to help you ring in the new year:

  • Update your resume and cover letter
  • Review and update your LinkedIn profile
  • Enhance your interview skills through interview preparation coaching
  • Connect with as many recruiters as possible on LinkedIn
  • Continue to network as usual
  • Follow up with recruiters so you stay fresh on their minds
  • Stay positive and encouraged

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