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You have probably received numerous performance appraisals throughout your career that have left you questioning what value they really add. As you may have experienced, you are often required to critique and rate yourself, then send it to your manager for review and feedback. By the time you actually have your “meeting” with your manager, […]

LinkedIn now boasts over 260 million users, with several millions using it on a daily basis to network with other like-minded professionals. There’s a lot of talk about personal branding and how LinkedIn can help professionals attain that. Many professionals and job seekers unwillingly create profiles because their colleagues,

Would you like to improve your interview skills and learn how to negotiate salary and benefits? Are you tired of getting interviews but never getting hired? We understand how discouraging this can be. The experienced interview coaching professionals at APEX Career Services can teach you interview tactics to help improve your performance.

Investing in your career should be considered as important as investing in your retirement plan. Why is that? You will continue to reap great benefits in the long run from the systematic career investments you make now. Your career investment can yield higher pay, faster promotions, better benefits, and stronger business relationships. While we’re mentioning […]

Have you applied for numerous positions but have yet to receive responses? Do you feel recruiters are ignoring you? Are you tired of sending resumes and getting nowhere? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are definitely doing many things wrong in your job search and therefore sabotaging your chances for […]