Tips for Getting a Promotion

Do you feel stuck in your current job? Are you ready for a promotion to a job that is rewarding, exciting, and pays well?

If you want to get a promotion, you will need to be a patient team player while also being an ambitious self-promoter. It is not always easy to balance, but it can be done by doing the following:

  1. When applying for jobs, seek out companies with opportunities for advancement. It does not necessarily have to be a large corporation, even though these companies usually offer plenty of promotion possibilities. You want to seek out companies that are doing well and growing. 
  2. Focus on just doing the best you possibly can in your current position. You want to get good performance reviews, have excellent attendance, be punctual, and go “above and beyond.” 
  3. Make sure people know you are doing a great job. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn modestly, as you can’t always expect your work to speak for itself. Stay in touch with your supervisor, and make sure he or she knows about the successes you are having. It is important not to be an attention grabber. You must give others the credit they deserve. 
  4. Office politics often play a role in who gets promoted and who does not. Use and develop your people skills. Be kind and helpful to your coworkers and supervisors. Cultivate relationships with people you work with and get to know decisions-makers that are not in your direct work group. Attend as many company events as possible to network with people from outside your department. 
  5. Don’t be afraid to tell your supervisor about your career goals. A good supervisor will be excited to mentor you. Continue to do a great job in your position, but let your superiors know that you are interested in career growth. 
  6. You can’t just wait for a promotion to land in your lap. It can happen, but most promotions, especially at large companies, require you to go through the application and interview process. Remember, you will be competing with internal and external candidates. Apply for the position you really want, and take the application process very seriously. This is your chance to lay all you knowledge, skills, and abilities out on the table. Just go for it. 
  7. Always continue to learn. Seek out certifications that will help you grow. It is not enough to be great at your job; you also have to develop marketable skills that prepare you for more responsibility. When you gain skills and qualifications far beyond what your current job requires, your employer may see keeping you in that job as a waste of your talents. 
  8. A strong relationship with a manager/mentor or someone higher up in your department can open a lot of doors for you. For one thing, you’ll likely learn a lot about the organization and future jobs in which you might be interested 
  9. If you figure out a better way to do your existing job, or see the need for a new position, don’t be afraid to talk to management about creating this position. Since you are the one who saw the need and, presumably, you’re best qualified for the position, this can help you take on new responsibilities, even if you don’t get a big pay raise at first. 
  10. If you seem to be at a dead end with your current employer, it is time to look for better opportunities elsewhere. This can be hard if you feel a loyalty to your boss, but you do need to do what is in the best interest of your career or you will become unhappy with your job. 

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