Why Should YOU Hire A Career Coach?

College graduation season recently wrapped up, and it seems like a perfect time to remind everyone why hiring a career coach can be the difference between finding the right job and never even getting an interview.

Would you perform your own eye surgery or root canal? If something is important, we hire an expert to take care of it.

The identical attitude should apply when seeking a job. Investing in finding the right job is one of the most important financial moves you may ever make. You might be actively engaged in a job search, underemployed, a stay-at-home parent going back to the work after a long hiatus, going through a change of career, a recent college grad, or unhappily employed. It just makes good sense to talk to a professional before you start your quest for a new position.

Job hunting is difficult work and can be very intimidating. Have you thought about how helpful it would be to find an experienced ally with industry knowhow to help you each and every step of the way?

The mission of APEX Career Services is clear. We are focused on providing our clients with professional, self-promoting solutions to expedite their career choices and path. As our clients’ careers lift off, we are committed to helping them maximize career satisfaction while increasing lifetime earning potential. Commitment, respect, integrity, collaboration, accountability, and originality are definitely the hallmarks of our incomparable dedication to customer happiness. The career coaches at APEX Career Services add value on many levels. APEX Career Services will help you with any of the following:

Career goals assessment: Are you at an in-between time in your employment? Are you unsure what your next steps should be? We will assist you in discovering what you want and get you on the right path to achieving your goals.

Utilizing social networking: Do you need help leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook in your job search?

Discover ways to sell yourself: You will need to identify and then describe your talents and accomplishments effectively. We will work with you on your resume and assist you in recognizing your marketable skills. Knowing everything you have to offer, coupled with your ability to sell yourself via networking and interviews, will increase your chances of getting the job. It will also exponentially improve your chances of increasing your earning potential.

General job search skill: Do you know the way to locate a job? How savvy is your networking plan? Have you any idea where hiring managers are looking for candidates? Do you know how to stay clear of common pitfalls?

Interview preparation: Tell us about yourself. Precisely what are your weaknesses? What do you have to offer? Why should we hire you? Do you know the answers to these and also other important interview questions? Furthermore, are you aware of the correct structure and delivery of interview answers to guarantee optimal results? If your answers are no, you may be wasting your time, and we all know that “time is money.”

Negotiating: Entering a job interview or negotiation unprepared will cost you. We can help you be prepared, and that means you don’t lose money.

Career market knowledge: At APEX Career Services, we spend our time keeping up with the marketplace. We find out about new technology and approaches and stay plugged in. We realize you probably don’t enjoy doing this and lack the time and expertise. Helping people along their career path is our passion.

Critique and rewrite your resume and letters: You don’t want to face the job market with documents that are not optimized. Often job hunters do not view their resumes objectively. Misplaced modesty prevents them from incorporating their very best accomplishments. Ignorance of their resume’s purpose as a sales document, not merely a laundry list of items, will often prevent them from putting together a top-notch document.

Many job hunters don’t stop to consider the amount of money a less-than-optimal resume might cost them. Imagine how much money you would lose for each and every day that you are out of work. If your resume isn’t top-notch, you are likely to appear unqualified for the salary you are seeking and deserve. A professionally written resume should help shorten your job search and qualify you for a higher salary.

Would you like to achieve your employment goals and make more money? Hire APEX Career Services to help with all aspects of your job hunt. We will provide you with honest and constructive feedback and help you reach your professional goals. Are you currently dedicated to discovering everything you have to offer to a prospective employer? If you are motivated to take a positive step in the right career direction, then APEX Career Services is the right choice for you.

Want to create a unique presence to tell your own story? Allow us to help you. This is our specialty.

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